Hello and Welcome!

I am Michelle Edwards

I have been on a journey to rediscover myself ever since I lost my way. I was dealing with mental health issues but found the determination to move forward.

I began my journey with meditation and positive affirmations, using techniques that help me stay aligned.  I learned to stay in the present moment, to feel confident, and to master a mindset of success. My next step was to undertake training as a life coach, applying the lessons I learned to improve my life.

Now that I am a life coach, I can help you to escape the rat race by overcoming self-sabotaging beliefs through an action-oriented solution.

My mission is to help you become aligned in your life, to find your true purpose, to dream big, and to expand your horizons. I want to help you create a compelling vision for your life. You will master a mindset of success and ultimately fulfill your potential. You don’t have to do it alone anymore. I will make sure you will follow through on your goals.