Embracing Changes

How well are you at changes? Do you make plans and then something happens and you can’t do that plan anymore? Do you get angry? Sad? Frustrated? Do you go completely blank and can’t function? Or do you blame the other person or party?

it’s easy to focus on your plans and want them to go exactly as you envision it. Planning, daydreaming, calling, and making appointments is stressful but how we HANDLE it internally is essential. Raging at someone is not going to help. It won’t help when we need a solution fast. We need to focus and stay in the moment. Focus on what needs to be done here and now. Who can help us? What is an alternative solution?

We’re in the middle of moving to Germany for my husband’s job. Being a military wife I thought I was prepared. I found out I wasn’t. My anxiety went from a 10 to a 100! I lost focus. I couldn’t get it together. This is not normal for me. I’m an organizer. I couldn’t get organized. The cats didn’t have their health certificates for travel. As a result, my husband and I had to travel separately to Germany.

The day the movers came, an hour earlier than they said, we were running around throwing things we didn’t want them to pack in the bathroom. It was chaos.

Many appointments I made got canceled. The appointment for the car to get washed before being transported on a ship to Germany got canceled. The sleep number bed employees didn’t show up to dismantle the bed that we paid them for. We had to watch a you tube video on how to do it. Our 2 neighbors had a laugh at this one.

One of the packers dismantled our internet and packed the modem that has to stay with the house.

I had to pivot and readjust. I could have gotten angry but it would not have helped. I wouldn’t have received the help with customer service. I find that people do not respond well to anger, and don’t want to help out for instance.

I have a friend back in FL whenever I text her about something happening she would text back to remind me the Universe knows what it is doing. Or she would text me and say Just sit and pray on it. An answer will show up. Of course, she was right. Things did turn out but my anxiety kept me believing that it wouldn’t. When I turned my thinking around to being positive I saw that things did turn out the way I had planned them.

I have a spiritual tool bag that I dig into when things seem to be going wrong, or right as the Universe has been showing me. In my bag are as follows:

Get quiet go within and Breathe. This helps signal to the brain to calm the system down when you are feeling stressed.

Tapping on anxiety (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Saying Mantra such as “Peace Begins With ME” for each word tap your thumb and first finger-Peace Tap your 2nd finger and thumb-Begins Tap your ring finger and thumb-With and Tap your pinky finger and thumb-Me

Meditation: I meditate on bringing Peace and Light into my body. I also surrender to the Universe. I can’t make changes if I am stressed and trying to make things happen if it doesn’t align with the Universe. It’s like pushing a brick wall to move. I listen to Gabby Bernstein’s meditations.

What’s gone will be replaced with something better. Embrace every new opportunity as a chance to create change. Trust your intuition as it guides you toward your desired outcome. Be confident in your ability to forge a new path. You have the power to achieve anything you set your mind to. Continue to strive for greatness!