How to manifest your desire

I have been doing the Gabby Bernstein manifestation challenge since January 1. I read her book Super Attractor book when it first came out. This is my 3rd challenge. In the past years I manifested my Mini countryman car; my house on a lake in FL and I manifested my life coach business.

If you are struggling;

Gabby says that we should ask for a sign after writing our manifestation statement and if we see the sign we are on the right track, but if we don’t see a sign, it also is a sign. I don’t see my sign. This is the first time I have not seen my sign that I asked for.

So, I went back to the drawing board. I re-wrote my statement, I asked for a new sign, and I released it into the Universe.

Here are some steps to manifest your desire:

  1. Be really clear on what you want. Write it down in a statement on a piece of paper. Make sure to write it down instead of typing it. There is more energy in your statement if you actually put pen to paper.
  2. RELEASE the desire to hold onto it. Release it to the Universe, God, or your choice of Source you want to release it to.
  3. After all of this, ask for a sign to know that you are on the right track. Mine in the past has been a Blue Jay, butterflies, or a Cardinal. Whatever comes to your mind.  Don’t push to make it appear to you when you go about your days. You will be filled with Joy when you see it if you believe it.
  4. Have Fun with your statement!! Look at nice magazines with pretty furniture if you want to manifest a home. Ask a friend out if you want to manifest more friends into your life.
  5. BE APPRECIATIVE! Make a list of what you appreciate in your life. Be Thankful for waking up in the morning with the sun shining, Be Thankful for your car that takes you to work, and Be Thankful for your job. Be thankful for your house, Spouse, Friends, and Cats (even though they woke you up at 3:30 AM breaking a glass vase on the tile).
  • If you are still feeling stuck after a couple of days writing on a piece of paper: I choose to surrender the outcome now. Thank you, Universe, for revealing to me what is of the highest good for all then burn it in a safe place like a fire pit, or bury it in the ground in your backyard. Take time to feel the release. Trust in the Source that what you desire will find its way to you.

I want to mention that there are times when you will want to feel the need to push for your manifestation. The Universe will deliver it when you are ready. Also, when the timing is right.

When we were manifesting our home, I believed that the Angels and the Universe were working behind the scenes. Things needed to happen before our home appeared to us. Our lease where we rented was up in a few months, and the people in the home we bought needed to do their preparations to be able to put up the house for sale.

It’s like a game of chess. Pieces need to be in the right position. Our realtor asked me if she could put me on a list of other homes that were up for sale just in case. I said No! The Angels had sent me this house, I knew without a doubt it would be ours. I just had a very strong feeling! Everything about buying the house went through beautifully! And it happened when it was the right opportunity! I want to say that it was right after the lockdown from Covid as well. A lot of people were having problems back then. I believed it was meant to happen, and it did!

Stay Positive and expect miracles, my friend!!!