Walk In The Light Instead Of Darkness

The Universe is always supporting me. Even in the times of darkness. I try to swim but the waves engulf me. I rise above them to draw in a breath. The waves rise higher to drown me. I rise higher. I am Life. I am supported by the Universe. The Universe and I are one. We belong together. 

I was called here to shine my light on the world. I am drawn to see the positive in the things people see as negative. I am drawn towards the Light. I AM Special. I AM LOVE.  I am happiness. 

I keep believing in that over and over again. 

Darkness consumes me. I can’t see the light. I struggle. I am scared. It blocks me. I feel defeated. I want to give up. There is a tingling in my mind. Don’t give up it says! I am the Light, I am here!  

Stop struggling! You are the Light! The light is within you! Don’t you see?  

Go within. Don’t you see it? THERE in your HEART! You are Love. That’s the freedom. 

Stop struggling! That’s the answer! Slow down and look inward. The Light and Love have been there the whole time!  

The darkness begins to recede. Not too fast. I have too much work to do. I take it slow. There are many gifts to open to see what’s there. It’s overwhelming. I want to hide. But I can’t. The work needs to be done.  

I take it slowly. One day at a time. No, one moment at a time. My friends are my journal, affirmations and meditations. I start to do Tapping (EFT). These are the tools I need. Songs and books with meaning and hope. Songs and books with words that I need to hear. Words that I need at the time to keep me in the light. Words that keep me out of the darkness.  

I have HOPE. I start to dream. The fog and darkness start to lift.  

OH, The Light!! On my face! Hello old Friend. It warms my face, my hands and my heart!  

Maybe I can do this! It’s possible. My tools, my Angels and the Universe. My Fairies. My friends that only I can feel.