I will be on vacation for a bit….

Hi All,

At a time of vaccinations are increasing we are actually going to go see our son!! We haven’t seen him for 2 years!

This Past Mother’s Day which in the USA was on May 9, 2021, I was not depressed because I haven’t been able to travel to see either one of my kids. My birthday is May 13 and I always fly to NYC to spend it with my daughter for about 4 days. Now she is married and I don’t know if we will continue the tradition.

But this year my hubby suggested flying to see our son in Colorado! We want to get away from the heat and humidity that we have here in South Florida. It will be wonderful to have cold weather (!) and to be able to wear sweaters! We can’t wait!! I will post pictures when I get back.

Also at the top of my blog on the main page is the link for my newsletter. Scroll down to the bottom and sign up. I have been getting a lot of comments asking about my newsletter. I will be talking more in-depth in the newsletters about the subjects of my blogging here.

I will be back online on May 20, 2021. Hope everyone has a terrific week and THANK YOU so much for reading and commenting on my blog!!! I so appreciate it!! You all are fantastic!!