What To Do When You Are Feeling Stuck?

I am meditating with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfree this week. It’s a free meditation for the week. He has good insights into why we get stuck, or stagnant, in life? How do we help ourselves? One of the reasons why I wanted to be a life coach, and a mindfulness coach was to teach people to stay in the present moment. Being mindful has helped me with my anxiety, depression, and the feeling of “yuckiness”. You know when you feel like you are not good enough, you can’t say or do anything well enough. You just feel like you are stuck in the yuckiness of the feelings from the past.

“I am never stuck when I am in the PRESENT moment” was yesterday’s meditation.

Do you find you are always thinking about the past? Do you critique yourself for what you went thru? What someone had said? I know I had. I still trip up and find myself thinking about the past, but I know how to stop myself and bring myself into the Present moment.

How do you move past that?

-Become aware of your thoughts.
What are you thinking about? Are you being negative about yourself or the situation? Can you change your thinking to be more positive?

-Start to train your mind to think positively. It’s one of the reasons why I like positive affirmations so much. If you can find a few affirmations that you like, and it makes you feel good, say them when you find yourself thinking negative thoughts.

-Envision you’re at a train station and the train is coming but it’s not the train you want. Do you get on it anyway? Of course not.

Now think about that same train that is a negative thought. Let the train go by without jumping onto it. Let go of your thoughts, breathe, say your positive affirmation(s), and let the thought go. Just like letting the train go by. You’re letting the negative thought go by. Send Peace into your heart. Then send love into your heart. Breathe and focus on the good feelings you get when you practice sending Peace and Love into your heart.

Once you get used to the practice it gets easier. You have been thinking negative thoughts for so long that you have to practice thinking positive thoughts now. You are replacing one thought (negative) with another (positive).  

Once I started to practice this method I started noticing more things going on around me. I noticed I was not anxious as much. I noticed how beautiful the trees were. I started to notice people being nicer to me. Not that I wasn’t being nice, I was just in my head with my anxiety and negative thoughts.

You will notice that you are thinking positively about the future. You aren’t looking back as much. You may start to notice that you’re more creative. You may notice you are not so mad or angry as well. You may not react fast when someone cuts you off on the freeway.

The last thing I want to tell you is that you are doing a great job in life! It doesn’t matter what you had done in the past. If you are here and you are reading this then you are ready to make Peace with your past.

You are a terrific person! You are trying so hard. Sometimes you need help, and that is ok! Ask for help. Forgive yourself! Let Love and Peace into your heart.

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