Bring the Practice of self-care into your life

I can’t believe it’s June already! I have been home from our vacation for 3 weeks and I haven’t been able to do much on the business side.

The day before leaving I ended up at the Doctors office to get an antibiotic for an infection. What a horrible time for it to happen! The whole trip I was tired and achy. I didn’t sleep well either.

Seeing my son and his girlfriend and their 3 kitties and being in Colorado again was wonderful! It was only 60 degrees, and zero humidity vs Florida being high humidity and very hot. I was happy to see the mountains again, and seeing the big tall trees! It brought me joy.

Getting home I went into survival mode. I really thought that the achiness would never go away! All I could do is sleep, get up only to do the laundry, and then went back to rest. Trying to get back into my routine of meditation, and EFT Tapping, and making healthy easy meals. I stayed hydrated. I took my vitamins and took Epsom salt baths for the achiness.

Seeing the same care that I kept pulling The Starseed Oracle that says Deep Cellular Healing. The booklet included says: “If you draw this card you’re being called to focus on your healing in practical ways. To prioritize your health. To be kind and tender to your miraculous body.”   It also says to treat yourself with tender care. Put yourself first and nourish yourself.

When I was a young mom of 3 I thought it was selfish to put myself first. The kids and my husband were always put first. If I did put myself first, I felt selfish. I felt when things often went wrong it was my fault.

When I was in therapy, I had to face the fact that was not true. I had to look into the reason why I thought it was selfish to put myself first.

A lot of it was my family growing up, and what we were told. I felt guilty if I did something for myself growing up. It wasn’t that I didn’t include others in my plan. It felt like it was more of jealousy from my sisters and mom. During therapy, I struggled with the concept to put myself first. Not only would I be more joyful to be around but the kids started to not get on my nerves as much. I started out doing little things just by myself. I’d take a walk or a bath. The older the kids got it was easier to do things by myself because they didn’t need the constant care that required when they were younger.

It was that guilt since getting home from vacation that kept surfacing and I had to keep meditating, and Tapping, and journaling to feel like I was in a place of love, and peace with myself because I was taking care of myself.

If you are in a place where you want to feel healthier but past memories or feelings are surfacing please don’t push them away. Try to understand the meaning behind the memories. Bring joy, and peace into your life. Ask yourself What Conscious thought can I choose today? Joy? Forgiveness? Love? What can I do today to bring forth more peaceful energy?

I know it’s hard when you aren’t feeling well. I certainly wanted to rage at my husband but it isn’t his fault I am feeling frail. That’s why I meditated and did my Tapping and journaling. I have to accept that it’s okay to be quiet right now and not doing things like exercising. It can set me back if I push myself.

The other day I took a 1/2 mile walk instead of a mile. I really wanted to push myself to do that last lap around the neighborhood, but I knew what would happen if I did push myself what would the rest of the day look like, and tomorrow for that matter? Personally, I didn’t value being in pain again. I didn’t want to set myself back again. If you aren’t well it’s ok to cut yourself some slack if you can’t exercise. Don’t shame or guilt yourself because you didn’t do that last ½ mile. Or do 20 minutes of Pilates.  Practice Grace over guilt.

Things to do for self care:

Put yourself first, slow down, nourish yourself-mentally and physically. Stay hydrated. Avoid lots of caffeine. And love yourself. If you fight your body with hate and anger you will not get healthier. Show yourself, and your body and mind, compassion and love. No matter what stage you are in right now, you will get healthier, with time, love, compassion, and understanding. Be kind to yourself, and treat yourself like you would treat a friend. You are nice to your friends let’s be nice to our bodies as well. Our bodies and minds are our friends!! Treat them like it.

Comment below what are some of the steps you take to nourish yourself?